Airport Surface Awareness

On-premise Surface Situational Awareness
for Ground Traffic Control Operators

THEIA is a highly performant, robust and intuitive on-premise airport surface situational awareness software to assist ground traffic control operators in their surface awareness visualization. THEIA is modular and adaptable to multiple sensor types, airport layouts and COTS in-tower hardware ensuring rapid deployment with the right balance of robustness and flexibility.

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What's New in TerraLens® 9.2

A screenshot of the THEIA software showing topdown views of a light aircraft.

Defense Grade Mapping

THEIA supports one or multiple independent viewports, each manipulatable (Pan, Zoom, Rotate) independently, as well as dual color palette (day mode and night mode). Additionally, track lists can be shown/hidden, displaying a list of all targets within user defined coverage volumes, and easily filterable by ICAO callsign. Targets are represented onscreen with clear data blocks alongside, and directional icons corresponding to aircraft by weight class, as well as easily distinguishable Ground Service and Ground Emergency vehicles. THEIA includes centimeter-accurate airport surface vector layer imaging which can be individually toggled on/off or opacity-adjusted for customization based on user preferences.

Smart Alerting

Despite THEIA viewports being locked to 2D, THEIA is built on a 3D situational awareness backbone, processing targets in 3D at all times, and as such supports complex geofencing rules, including 2D surface awareness geofences (such as runway hotspots), 3D (final approach corridor) geofences and corresponding alerting logic to support operators in reducing critical runway incursion risk.

A 2D and 3D view of geofences overlaid on top of a flat satellite map.

Sensors and in-App Resource Health

THEIA is designed to work with multiple ADS-B sensor manufacturers and standard formats, as well as layering for non-cooperative sensors such as RADAR. Sensor health status visualization is embedded inside THEIA UI with easy (Green, Amber, Red) iconology for fast identification of online, degraded or offline resources in intuitive rolled-up block statuses, or expanded detailed submenus.

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Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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