Ground Control Station

Enterprise grade GCS for BVLOS at scale


IRIS GCS is our custom Ground Control Station for enterprise UAS companies taking their GCS needs to the next level. Kongsberg Geospatial work alongside our clients on a consultative basis to tailor our IRIS Terminal and GCS based on their exact use case, needs, CONOPS, airframes and DAA technology to ensure that their solution is scalable, compliant, customizable and future proof. Our drone fleet management software provides essential many-to-one functionality for your commercial operation.

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What's New in TerraLens® 9.2

A screenshot of the THEIA software showing topdown views of a light aircraft.

Your Hardware. Your GCS.

Our GCS solutions are hardware agnostic so our clients can choose the right airframes and sensor technology to fit the needs of their business case, without being restricted to a preferred software vendor. Whether the use case requires multiple payloads, winch delivery systems, camera control modules or automated landing systems, IRIS GCS is built such that all UAS control and logic is designed around our clients needs and preferences as well as integrating third party features of client’s choice as needed.

Many-to-one hardcoded

Most commercial UAS businesses will require many-to-one (m:N) functionality, whereby one pilot can control multiple aircraft and drones simultaneously. Many-to-one is essential in many UAS business-cases in order for operations to be commercially viable and to compete with traditional alternatives. IRIS GCS is designed to be built with many-to-one operations embedded in the workflow, from mission planning to execution.

A 2D and 3D view of geofences overlaid on top of a flat satellite map.

One GCS. Multiple airframes.

IRIS GCS Is built to support multiple airframe manufacturers and types. Enterprise UAS operators may require multirotor for some applications, and fixed wing for others. Our Mission Planning Module will build missions based on the flight characteristics of the airframe, and missions can be uploaded to any airframe of such characteristic.

Airspace Awareness Built-in

Safe UAS and safe drone operations must have airspace awareness as a keystone. IRIS GCS features the same robust TerraLens map engine backbone, dynamic mapping overlays, and the versatility of multiple DAA sensor ingestion and smart airspace deconfliction services available inside IRIS Terminal.

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Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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