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IRIS Terminal is the industry-leading airspace visualization tool of choice for professional drone operators and UAS Test range operators. By combining inputs from every sensor, feed, and telemetry into one tidy and customizable UI, IRIS Terminal reduces the cognitive load associated with multiple inputs and allows operators to focus on the job at hand…deconflicting their airspace and managing their unmanned operations.

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What's New in TerraLens® 9.2

Enabling BVLOS Operations

As unmanned BVLOS operations grow in number and in size, many of regulatory needs focus on the effective deconfliction of the airspace in and around the UAS operating area. IRIS Terminal becomes a key portion of the airspace visualization chapter within the CONOPS associated with the safe deconfliction of the airspace.

Your Sensors. Your solution.

IRIS Terminal is not limited to specific sensors, manufacturers or feeds. We work with some of the industry-leading sensors and feeds, however, adapt IRIS Terminal to every client’s choice of sensors, as laid out in their business plan and regulatory requirements. IRIS Terminal also adapts to your operations’ changing needs, and the evolving sensor market, which ensures that your Airspace Visualization solution is future-proof and doesn’t require re-training with every sensor.

Robustness at the core

IRIS Terminal is built on the backbone of our 3-decades-strong geospatial imaging platform, TerraLens. As deployed in multiple defense and enterprise solutions worldwide, TerraLens guarantees operators that their mission-critical operations will have consistent geospatial uptime, no matter what level of connectivity exists throughout the operation.

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Technical Support by the R&D team to help integrate new features, or optimize your application for performance

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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