Privacy and Legal Information

Website Privacy and Cookies

Kongsberg Geospatial respects the privacy of our website visitors. With one exception, our website does not gather any personaly identifiable information or persist any data that can be linked to a particular website visitor.

The only time we do collect personal information is if a website visitor voluntarily subscribes to our email newsletter, or our press release notification service. Email addresses collected for these lists are held on MailChimp's email distribution service website, but are not shared with any third party.

The Kongsberg Geospatial website also sets and maintains website cookies to ensure optimal website performance and for web traffic analytics.

A Brief Explanation of Cookies

"Cookies" have been a fixture of websites since they were invented in 1994. Cookies are very small text files that are passed from from a website to an end user’s computer. The cookie is used to save information about your interaction with the website, and includes such things as login credentials, shopping cart contents, what pages you have viewed, or where you left off viewing a video. The cookie file is automatically stored by your web browser on the local hard drive of your computer, where it can later be retrieved by the website. Generally speaking, cookes are extremely useful, and necessary to making a lot of websites work effectively.

There are two types of cookies: "session-level cookies" - which only last for as long as you are visiting a website, and are deleted as soon as you close your browser; and "persistent cookies", which are saved for a longer period of time, or even indefinitely, unless you clear your browser's cache and history.

Originally cookies could only be requested by a server in the same web domain as the server that set it. However that has changed over time, and many websites use technologies like JavaScript to set third-party cookies for services like Google Analytics. The problem with third-party cookies is that users are often unaware that these cookies are being set, and what information is being shared. For that reason, it's important for websites to be transparent about what data is being saved, and who has access to it.

How We Use Cookies on This Website

Our web server sets both session-level and persistent cookies relating to the pages you visit and the configuration of your browser and browsing device. Google sets additional cookies for general analytics and Google Adwords tracking purposes. Examples of the cookies we set include, but are not limited to the following:

  • browser type, browser version and operating system
  • viewport (window) size
  • cookies / privacy acknowledgement completed
  • form submitted (newsletter sign-up and other forms)
  • current menu configuration (Full or Mobile)
  • logged in status and credentials
  • last search term used
  • previous page visited
  • last image requested (for lazy loading elements)

A third-party Google Analytics cookie is set on each page of the website.