Real-Time Geospatial SDK

Build Beautiful, Performant Geospatial Applications

TerraLens® is a highly performant geospatial and display SDK designed for easy project integration and quick implementation in virtually any development environment. TerraLens provides real-time 2D and 3D mapping with powerful data visualization tools.

Display Gorgeous 3D Terrain

TerraLens delivers high performance 3D terrain rendering

Show Real-Time Data

Plot real-time data from a wide variety of sensors

Display any Map Format

Consume and display almost any data format

Add Dynamic Layers

Dynamically control the opacity of overlay and symbol layers

Deliver Performance

TeraLens is designed to perform well on limited hardware

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Product Brochure

Product Brochure

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TerraLens technical documents

Technical Documents

Technical Documents

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What's New in TerraLens® 9.2

Create the world you want to see

  • Unlimited 2D and 3D viewports
  • High performance 3D terrain engine
  • Unlimited layer overlays for data visualization
  • Supports most map data formats, covering vector, raster, elevation and web
  • Over 20 spheroid and 30 map projections
  • Compliant with open standards
  • Support for MIL-STD-2525 B/C/D, APP-6A/B and custom symbology
  • Displays geo-referenced full motion video overlays

Build it to last

  • Deployed internationally in mission critical systems across defense, vessel and air traffic management
  • Evolved and tested over decades of development
  • Long term support and maintenance

Make it your own

  • Create applications using C++, Java, or C#
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Android
  • Compatible with most GUI toolkits, including Qt, QML, Java, .Net
  • Support for ARM and other low-power architecture

Grow at your own pace

Includes all features, controlling development costs as your project grows

Maintenance includes future TerraLens upgrades

Technical Support by the R&D team to help integrate new features, or optimize your application for performance

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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Product Brochure

Product Brochure

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