ATM Simulator

High-Fidelity Airspace and Air-Traffic Simulator

Originally developed for the FAA as the Air Traffic Control Advanced Research Simulator (ATCARS), I-SIM® is a high-fidelity simulation system used for Air Traffic Control Training, Air Space design/analysis, advanced Computer-Human Interface (CHI) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development, and to support UAS integration into civil airspace. I-SIM is also used to model high-density airspaces for commercial airspace design

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What's New in TerraLens® 9.2

Train With All Current ATM Systems

The I-SIM® system is a high-fidelity radar simulation system which supports both En Route and terminal operations. The system is delivered with fully functional ERAM and ARTS/STARS display applications.

Tested and Proven

These display applications have been thoroughly tested and evaluated at some of the country’s largest and busiest facilities including SoCal, Phoenix, Cleveland / Detroit, Denver, and Florida Metroplex sites, and recently for the Atlantic Coast Route Program for ZBW, ZDC, ZNY, ZJX, and ZMA.

Used in US Navy

The I-SIM Embedded Trainer application was completed and delivered to the US Navy and deployed on the first ship in 2016. I-SIM is now being deployed to all US Navy aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. All Air Traffic Control training on US Navy ships will now be carried out on I-SIM systems.

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This brief video gives an overview of I-SIM VRR.

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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