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TerraLens Geospatial SDK

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TerraLens Geospatial SDK


Introducing the TerraLens® Geospatial Platform

TerraLens is a highly performant next-gen geospatial and display platform designed for easy project integration and quick implementation. TerraLens provides real-time 2D and 3D mapping with powerful data visualization tools. TerraLens also includes a flexible and full-featured UI development toolset that includes a robust set of advanced multi-touch features.

Proven in Critical Infrastructure Worldwide

15 years as part of Aegis architecture baseline


Provides spatial awareness for the Triton UAS ground station


Over 50K installs on JBC-P vehicles and systems


10 Years providing ISR mission capability for NATO AWACS


Reduce Your Project Risk

TerraLens is a high-performance geospatial engine that delivers the features you need and the performance you expect with a proven pedigree of success in mission-critical applications

The TerraLens SDKs and runtimes can help you build and deploy native applications to a wide variety of platforms operating systems, and devices, and add powerful spatial capabilities to your applications. TerraLens SDKs are available for most development environments and languages.

With TerraLens Web, you can also develop and deploy powerful and full-featured web applications.

TerraLens is the most widely-deployed geospatial engine for defense applications

We’ll help you get your project off to a running start with sample projects, ample documentation, and live, dedicated support.


Flexible Architecture and Sophisticated Tools

The TerraLens platform has been designed with a simple, robust architecture that easily adapts to your development environment. The platform includes sophisticated tools for map styling and application deployment.

TerraLens Platform Product Architecture

TerraLens Platform Product Architecture

TerraLens Creator Workflow

TerraLens Creator Workflow


TerraLens® SDK Feature Gallery

Originally developed for aerospace and defense applications, TerraLens provides accurate, real-time display for a wide variety of sensor inputs, and is capable of processing over 16 million data points per second while displaying over 100,000 individual moving tracks

Real-Time Plotting

TerraLens consumes a wide variety of map file formats, and can display over 20 spheroid projections and over 30 map projections, (including polar projections). Projections and coordinate systems can be updated and changed at run-time

Broad Format Support

Map display features can be controlled and filtered at runtime with a full range of layering, priority, and transparency controls. The TerraLens presentation service makes it easy to integrate and blend multiple data sources as independent layers in your application viewport

Layers and Filtering

TerraLens delivers optimal performance on low-power hardware, including Intel integrated graphics, and SPARC/ARM architecture. TerraLens leverages platform capabilities when available, including multi-CPU and GPU hardware acceleration

Optimal Hardware Use

TerraLens includes a high-performance 3D terrain engine capable of registering and displaying terrain at up to 2.5 cm/pixel resolution (2D precision vector mapping provides up to 1cm/pixel accuracy) – all while displaying real-time data at a consistent high frame rate

High-Performance Terrain

TerraLens includes built-in support for multi-touch interaction on a touch screen. The included UI features provide a smooth and instinctual HMI for interacting with 2D maps or with terrain and targets in a 3D environment

Multi-Touch Support



Learn More About TerraLens

To learn more about TerraLens, you can view the TerraLens product brochure, or the simplified TerraLens product specifications page: