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TerraLens Product Overview

TerraLens Product Overview

This Product Overview provides a brief introduction to the key features and functions of TerraLens, the advanced Human Systems Interface (HSI) software-development solution from Kongsberg Geospatial. It includes a description of the product’s technical differentiators, its architecture and required specifications, as well as a glossary and other useful appendices.

While this document refers to “Human Systems Interfaces” (HMI), the phrases “Human Machine Interface” (HMI), “Computer-Human Interface” (CHI), or simply “User Interface” (UI) can be understood as interchangeable.

The TerraLens platform offers multiple programming interfaces for developers: C++, Java, and CLI (.NET). All interfaces provide similar core functionality, although some differences exist due to various programming language environments and platform differences.

For the purpose of this document, TerraLens can be understood to refer to the TerraLens Core SDK, unless otherwise stated. This guide presents the key features of TerraLens at a high level, and is relevant to all programming interfaces.

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