DDS Middleware

Integrate Real-Time Systems and Sensor Data

InterCOM DDS™ is a middleware application designed to help easily facilitate communications between multiple, disparate systems and sensors, using the open standard Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol. InterCOM DDS provides high performance, distributed data messaging services for applications and hardware requiring a real-time open architecture or service-oriented architecture.

Real-Time Data Distribution

InterCOM DDS™ is an open standard middleware solution for high performance data distribution. It allows developers to quickly define and share real time data across systems, networks, platforms and processors, significantly reducing the effort to integrate real time distributed systems. It addresses all data distribution requirements, from command sequences to data checkpoints and reconstitution. Due to its proven interoperability, InterCOM DDS is ideal for heterogeneous systems with numerous networks and OS platforms.

InterCOM DDS uses an open standard protocol to effectively network inputs from a wide range of sensors and controllers on a complex platform like the armored fighting vehicle pictured here.

InterCOM DDS has been optimized for defense and security applications, and is interoperable with any OMG-compliant DDS application. DDS is an open standard maintained by the Object Management Group (OMG) consortium. Kongsberg Geospatial is a contributing member of the OMG consortium.

Add a Broad Range of Capabilities to Your Application

The InterCOM DDS API is available in multiple languages and platforms, and includes the following capabilities:

  • High-reliability publish and subscribe API
  • Detailed quality of service controls
  • Easy-to-use debug tools
  • Complete reference solutions
  • Intuitive training tutorials
  • Complete documentation

Through our participation in Object Management Group DDS standards groups, Kongsberg Geospatial is able to provide a data distribution service that can connect with any application or device that supports the OMG RTPS protocol. It provides a highly reliable publish and subscribe backbone to optimize complex systems and maximize available network resources.

With more than 15 years of deployment in some of the most demanding defense and military applications, InterCOM DDS has been proven to be reliable, stable and efficient while providing the high performance that complex defense and security projects demand.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) policies are used to prioritize data flows and manage system performance. You can use policies to prioritize data delivery and error handling to optimize system resource usage.

Intra-node communication via shared memory is extremely fast and further reduces memory use. InterCOM DDS provides several mechanisms for filtering data by both the publisher and subscriber. QoS filtering helps the system adapt to changes, and integrates and blends secure, high-speed, lossy and unreliable links into one system.

Policies can be divided into custom categories for refined control. The categories can include:

  • Volatility
  • Transport timeliness
  • Transport integrity
  • Entity configuration
  • Entity metadata

InterCOM DDS Viewer

The InterCOM DDS middleware includes an integrated Viewer Tool application. The viewer tool allows developers and integrators to view the network traffic and inject test messages into the queue. The DDS viewer is a great tool for systems integration testing and software development.

Field Proven

Applications powered by InterCOM DDS networking include:

  • Air and Missile Defense systems: NASAMS, National Capital Region Integrated Air Defense System (NCR IADS)
  • Naval Command and Control systems: US Navy Littoral Combat Ship; RCN (Canada), RNZN (New Zealand) Frigate Combat Management Systems
  • Land-based systems: Armored Personnel Carrier C2 Systems, including the BMS Integrated Combat Management System
  • Small Craft Systems: US SOCOM Combat Craft Medium Combat Management System mission application
  • Unmanned Systems: IRIS UxS BVLOS airspace awareness application sensor data integration


SDKs available for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks
APIs available for C++, Java, C# and ADA
High Performance Engine
Ensures reliable, high performance data delivery
Open-standard Interface
Open-standard Data Distribution Service API managed by OMG can reduce development cost
Communication Middleware
Easily define, send, marshal and de-marshal data across platforms and languages
Publish and Subscribe
Anonymous publish and subscribe communication model makes system integration easier
Quality of Service
Maximize network resources and behavior by customizing QOS policies
Object-oriented API
Easily integrate the API into your software architecture

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