Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS / VTIS)

Vessel Traffic Management Systems and Maritime Surveillance

Singapore Port Authority Vessel Traffic Management Center

Operators use the C-Scope VTMS to control vessel traffic at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPAS).

Kongsberg Geospatial creates geospatial, HMI and sensor integration components for Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) and maritime surveillance systems worldwide. We have also worked in partnership with Kongsberg Norcontrol on the development of C-Scope: a leading Vessel Traffic Management / Vessel Traffic Information System, which is in use in some of the busiest civilian ports in the world, including the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, shown above. The Port of Singapore handles over 20% of the world's marine shipping traffic.

C-Scope is a commercially available, off- the-shelf product that can be configured and customized to provide a complete solution or for those seeking to upgrade their vessel traffic monitoring and control capabilities. C-Scope has been deployed in over 240 ports worldwide.


Our TerraLens geospatial platform provides the industry's most robust and comprehensive implementation of the S-63 / S-57 standard set for recording and displaying maritime charts and data. Our platform fully implements the S-57 display standard and provides for fast and efficient real-time display of complex charts and thousands of individual vessel tracks. The C-Scope application allows operators full control over their display, so they can easily customize the presentation and styling of chart display in real time.

As a result of its proven versatility and performance, our VTMS is now the standard operator console software solution for many prime contractors' and systems integrators' VTMS/MDA systems.

Kongsberg Geospatial has demonstrated subject matter expertise in Vessel Traffic Management and Maritime Surveillance, and has led the development of Integrated Project Teams across continents and geographic boundaries: ensuring constant, consistent communications with the prime contractor and the customer throughout the project.

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